Two funds managed by OTP Asset Management Romania, best performers in 2016 (18/01/2017)

  • Two funds managed by OTP Asset Management ranked first in the Multi-Active and Absolute Return categories, on the local market in 2016.
  • OTP Global Mix yielded 7.97% in 2016;
  • OTP Premium Return yielded 4.14% in 2016;

Bucharest, January 18th, 2017 – Two funds managed by OTP Asset Management RomaniaOTP Global Mix and OTP Premium Return – were best performers on the local market, in 2016 according to the data provided by the Fund Managers Association – AAF (

OTP Global Mix, a flexible multi-asset fund yielded 7.97% in 2016, while OTP Premium Return, an Absolute-Return innovative strategies fund (ARIS), had a return of 4.14%. These results positioned both funds in first place, in the Multi Active, Absolute Return categories respectively in 2016.

Regarding OTP Global Mix, thanks to its flexible investment policy, the fund managers have created a diversified portfolio structure, made up of local and international shares and corporate bonds. The portfolio managers have relied on the US interest rate increase by investing in corporate bonds with variable interest rates, such as those issued by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Ford etc.

In addition, the appreciation of USD against the Euro has added to the portfolio’s performance. In the shares segment, out of the 29 companies the fund was invested in at the end of the year, 26 registered price increases compared to their initial purchase price. The best performing sectors were: construction (e.g.: Porr, Vinci), financial (e.g.: Citi Bank, Banca Transilvania, BRD), pharmaceuticals (e.g.: Pfizer, Abbvie), IC&T (e.g.: Apple, Alphabet, Samsung, Microsoft), discretionary goods (e.g.: LVMH, Whirlpool, Daimler) and industry (e.g.: Boeing).

The OTP Premium Return fund portfolio is based on flexible placements in shares, bonds, index certificates and money market instruments seeking to achieve positive performances regardless of market directions in a period of at least 1 year. The portfolio managers who administered the fund built its strategy on a portfolio of value-type companies (which have an intrinsic value that is currently undervalued by the market). Among these, there are companies from the IC&T sector (e.g.: Apple, Alphabet), pharmaceuticals (e.g.: Pfizer, Roche, Johnson & Johnson), and consumer goods (e.g.: Whirlpool). Also, for increasing the diversification of the portfolio, the Fund was exposed to a series of ETFs. These track the performance of the 50 biggest companies in the world, but also the performance of small-cap companies in the US. The managers also counted on some Romanian companies that were among the best dividend paying ones in 2016 (e.g.: Conpet, Romgaz, Transgaz).

An outstanding performance was also recorded by the OTP AvantisRO fund, based mainly on Bucharest Stock Exchange Romanian listed companies. OTP AvantisRO yielded 7.59% in 2016, by targeting investments in solid companies with a consistent dividend policy.

Starting from the medium risk profile of the investor in OTP Asset Management Romania funds, our investment team aims to maximize the profit, in minimum risk conditions. Due to the prudent investment philosophy, in some moments, the portfolio managers may choose to sacrifice some of the potential pay-out to minimize the risks. Our approach is long-term, continuously looking to identify and add value to our customers.”, said Dan Popovici, CEO OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A.

Present on the local market since 2007, OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A. is among the most important investment fund managers in Romania, according to their assets under management. The company manages a diverse range of investment funds, giving investors the opportunity to access the equity investments through OTP AvantisRO, OTP Global Mix, OTP Premium Return but also those in government securities and bonds through OTP Bonds, OTP Euro Bond, OTP Dollar Bond and OTP ComodisRO. The company currently serves over 7.900 investors, retail and corporate customers, in eight open-end investment funds.

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