OTP Premium Green, an innovative savings package (4/11/2009)

  • Access to a new closed investment fund with guaranteed capital, to be listed at Bucharest Stock Exchange, OTP Green Energy – absolute premiere on the Romanian market
  • Deposit with very advantageous annual interest rates

Bucharest, November 4, 2009OTP Asset Management and OTP Bank Romania announce the launch of an innovative savings package, OTP Premium Green, which includes two components: a deposit with  promotional interest rate, in RON or EUR, with a fixed maturity date (February 2, 2010) and flexible term (between 60 and 90 days), depending on the opening moment and OTP Green Energy Fund. The fund provides the investors with the access to the newest development opportunities of the production potential for renewable energy, at European standards. The fund units can be bought for at least the equal value of the deposit, with a 3.5 years maturity.

OTP Green Energy Fund, an absolute premiere on the Romanian market, offers access to an innovative investment sector with a highly growth potential. Climate changes, global warming, environment protection and energetic independence are important topics on the agenda of all the developed countries, which will continuously generate a special dynamics in the renewable energy field development.

Those who choose to open a deposit at OTP Bank Romania and to buy OTP Green Energy fund units during X-Y, can benefit from the following advantages:

  • The initial invested capital is 100% guaranteed: at fund maturity, regardless of its evolution, the investor receives the whole initial capital, guaranteed through a bank guaranty letter released by OTP Bank Hungary;
  • 12% minimum participation quota, regardless of the fund evolution. The investor is provided with a minimum of 12% participation quota at maturity and can benefit from a maximum gain between 168% and 231%, depending on the amount of monthly performance of a European reusable energy quotation;
  • An interest rate of up to 11.75% for the deposits opened in RON and up to 5% for the ones in EUR.

The Closed Investment Fund with guaranteed capital, OTP Green Energy, can be also accessed, without opening the promotional fund, by both retail and institutional investors. The fund’s distributors are Intercapital Invest and the distribution group consisting of OTP Bank Romania and BRD Groupe Societe Generale.

„After the success of OTP WiseRO, the investment fund with a guaranteed capital, which has recently been listed at Bucharest Stock Exchange, we continue the successful launching series. This time we present a savings package, OTP Premium Green, which gives investors the access to one of the most dynamic and actual fields at an European level: renewable energy.” Catalin Iancu, President, OTP Asset Managemnt Romania.

 “Together with OTP Asset Management, we blazed the way for the structured products sector at Bucharest Stock Exchange. Through OTP Green Energy, we are to make an important step to the consolidation of such instruments so necessary for the investors, under crisis conditions. Moreover, I am glad that the fund is connected to the evolution of a field with so many growth perspectives in the actual context”, Razvan Pasol, President, Intercapital Invest.

OTP Asset Management Romania, member of OTP Group, recorded last year, a dynamic growth regarding the development of products and management of stocks. At the present, OTP Asset Management Romania manages three open investment funds and the first closed fund with guaranteed capital in Romania. The company manages total stocks of more than RON 107 million, thus being placed on the fourth managers on the market. For further details: www.otpfonduri.ro.

Intercapital Invest provides intermediary services on the capital market both for individual clients and corporations and is the largest independent broker company in Romania, considering the value of transactions run on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in 2008. The company intermediated the public selling bonds offer of World Bank on the local market and also participated at the selling of IPO Transgaz, the largest initial public offer in our country. For further information: www.intercapital.ro.

OTP Bank Romania is a subsidiary of OTP Bank, the largest independent bank in Central and Eastern Europe. OTP Bank provides universal financial services in Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Serbia. OTP Group serves its more than 13.5 million customers in 9 countries, through more than 1,500 territorial branches, its ATMs network and via electronic channels.

For further information:

OTP Bank Romania: Stefan Urziceanu, PR Coordinator
+4031 308 55 23, stefan.urziceanu@otpbank.ro