OTP Bank Romania launches the Automatic Savings Tool (23/07/2012)

    • Setting a systematic savings and investment plan
    • Available in lei and euro, for a multitude of products

  • Very flexible service. Clients can chose the activation date, amount and frequency (in days or months), for each product selected within this program

Bucharest, July 23, 2012 – OTP Bank Romania announces the launch of the Automatic Savings Tool. Available within OTP Mentor program, the new service aims at encouraging and facilitating systematic savings and investments.

The Automatic Savings Tool from OTP Bank is a flexible and easy-to-use service, available for the accounts in lei and euro. It allows private individual clients to set up regular automatic money transfers to a multitude of savings and investment products:

  • Junior account;
  • Savings account;
  • Term deposits with maturities from 1 to 4 months (transfers limited to a maximum deposit balance of 500,000 RON or equivalent);
  • Open end funds, managed by OTP Asset Management Romania.

This service is very easy to be accessed. Clients have to sign just one additional contract, in the banking units where they had opened their current accounts. Therefore, they don’t have to to go to the bank for each transaction and they benefit from multiple advantages, such as:

  • Building a savings and/or investment funds portfolio, on medium and long term,  with minimum efforts;
  • Time saving;
  • Monthly fee of only 2 RON or equivalent in foreign currency;
  • Free choice regarding the number of activated products;
  • Flexibility to set any activation date, amount and frequency of money transfers (days or months), for each selected product;
  • Minimum required amount according to the selected product: 100 RON/EUR for deposits and 50 RON/EUR for open end funds;
  • Minimum transfer amount of 50 RON/EUR;

When the current account is supposed to be debited, the transfer will be done only if the full necessary amount is available in the current account. No automatic currency exchanges will be carried out, for the necessary amounts to be debited.

Clients who will subscribe to this service until September 28, 2012, will benefit from a 100% discount of monthly fees, for a period of 3 months starting the signing of the additional contract.

OTP Mentor is a financial consulting program built on two components: the online consulting platform, www.dresoruldelei.ro and personal consulting services provided in all OTP Bank’s units throughout the country. This program has been designed for all types of clients, from the busiest ones who prefer to manage their personal budgets online, to the ones who choose the support of specialized advisors within the bank’s units.

OTP Bank encourages and facilitates systematic savings and investments. Our Automatic Savings Tool is a complex but easy-to-use service, that brings innovation to savings and investment mechanisms. The service is a dynamic one, that offers autonomy and usage customization for each client’s needs and provides its users with the possibility of building and developing a savings and investment funds portfolio on medium and long term, with minimum efforts”, stated Adrian Chichita, Director within the Retail Division, OTP Bank Romania.

OTP Asset Management Romania manages four open end funds and one closed end fund, with total assets of RON 232 millions and is ranked 5th within local asset management companies. Aiming at making investments easier to be accessed, OTP Asset Management Romania provides its clients with online investment services, just one click away, through OTPdirekt – Internet Banking.

OTP Bank Romania is a subsidiary of OTP Bank, the largest independent Central-Eastern-European banking group. OTP Bank provides universal financial services in Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Serbia, for more than 13 million clients, through 1500 branch offices, the ATM network and electronic channels.

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