OTP Asset Management Romania launches two new investment funds (26/11/2015)

    • New investment solutions on medium and long term, under moderate risk conditions
    • Higher potential yield than the bank interest rates

  • OTP Global Mix is focused on portfolio diversification
  • OTP Euro Premium Return concentrates on achieving solid yields, under low volatility conditions

Bucharest, November 26, 2015 – OTP Asset Management Romania announces the launching of two new investment funds: OTP Global Mix and OTP Euro Premium Return.

The new investment solutions address the investors’ need for diversification though investment funds with multi-asset class and attractive potential yields, offsetting the risk of investment within a single-asset class.

  • OTP Global Mix is a new open-ended fund, denominated in lei, with a diversified asset allocation, in order to reduce risk and maximize yields.
  • OTP Euro Premium Return is a new open-ended fund denominated in euro, which approaches innovative strategies of euro, which approaches innovative strategies of Absolute-Return, in order to allow investment growth potential by maximizing the risk – return ratio

The new funds are addressed to clients who wish to increase medium and long-term performance, under moderate risk conditions..

“In the context of the investors’ increased appetite for financial solutions that offer higher yields than the traditional saving products, the two funds represent an important opportunity for capital placement. OTP Euro Premium Return is the second fund in OTP Asset Management Romania’s portfolio with an Absolute-Return Strategy, which allows crystalizing investment opportunities on a large scale, in various markets and asset classes. OTP Global Mix is the first diversified flexible fund from OTP Asset Management Romania’s portfolio and is addressed to clients who seek for long-term yields, potentially superior to bond funds, but who do not accept a high risk associated with equity funds investments”, said Dan Popovici, CEO, OTP Asset Management Romania.

OTP Global Mix investment strategy focuses on portfolio diversification, the fund’s assets being invested in equities, as well as in sovereign bonds, corporate and municipal, investment funds or other financial instruments that have as underlying stock indexes as well as money market instruments or bank deposits.

The long-term strategic allocation of the fund is up to 50% in equities and local and international funds and up to 50% in fixed income instruments and / or money market instruments..

OTP Euro Premium Return investment strategy is focused towards obtaining solid yields, under low volatility , conditions, through dynamic fund asset allocation. Thus, the investors’ assets can be quickly reallocated, according to market opportunities, in order to achieve achieve the most efficient yield/ risk ratio.. Through its investment policy, the fund seeks positive yields, higher than bank interest rates, on an investment horizon of at least one year, regardless of the capital markets evolution. Through its global investment approach across multi asset classes, exposure on different currencies and the use of derivatives instruments, the fund managers constantly seek to minimize risks.

OTP Global Mix and OTP Euro Premium Return pen-ended funds will be available for daily access, across the entire OTP Bank Romania territorial unit network.

Present on the local market since 2007, OTP Asset Management Romania SAI SA is among the most important investment fund managers in Romania, in terms of assets under management. The company manages a diverse range of investment funds, offering investors the possibility to access equity investments, through OTP AvantisRO and OTP Premium Return, as well as investments in government bonds, though OTP Obligațiuni, and OTP ComodisRO. The company currently serves over 6,800 investors, in the retail and corporate segment, in six investment funds.

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