OTP Asset Management Romania launches an innovative investment solution, OTP Premium Return (13/05/2014)

OTP Asset Management Romania launches an innovative investment solution, OTP Premium Return

  • Closed-end fund based on innovative Absolute-Return strategies, offering efficient investments by maximizing risk/ return ratio;
  • The new fund addresses the investors who aim to increase returns on their personal investments, under limited risk conditions;
  • The initial value of the fund unit is RON 1.000;
  • OTP Asset Management Romania continues to be the undisputed leader in the euro bond fund industry in Romania. In 2013, the fund offered the best yield on the market, 4.57%, for the second consecutive year.

Bucharest, May 13, 2014OTP Asset Management Romania, one of the most performing asset management company in Romania, announces the launch of a new closed-end fund, RON denominated, OTP Premium Return.

The investment strategy is focused on obtaining consistent yields in low-volatility conditions, through a dynamic allocation of the fund’s capital. Thus, the investors’ assets can be rapidly reallocated, depending on the market opportunities, in order to obtain the most effective risk/ return ratio. Through its investment policy, the fund aims to obtain positive superior returns compared to bank deposits interest rates, for an investment period of at least one year, regardless of the capital markets evolution.

The fund addresses both retail clients and legal entities who intend to invest over a period of at least 1 year, but also having access to their investment, monthly.

The minimum value of the investment in OTP Premium Return is one fund unit and the nominal value of the fund unit is RON 1.000.

Clients can subscribe and redeem in OTP Premium Return monthly, within the first 5 working days, but they can redeem only starting with the month following their subscription.

“Taking into account the increased appetite for financial solutions which offer superior yields compared to bank deposits interest rates, OTP Premium Return represents an innovative opportunity for investment. OTP Premium Return is the first fund created by OTP Asset Management Romania with an Absolute-Return strategy, which allows it to capture investment opportunities on a large scale, on various markets and asset classes. OTP Premium Return is addressed to customers who want to obtain potentially superior returns compared to classical savings products, but who do not want to take the high risk specific to investments in equity funds”, declared Dan Popovici, General Manager, OTP Asset Management Romania.

Present on the local market since 2007, OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A. is among the top six asset management companies in Romania, in terms of assets under management. The company manages a wide range of open-end investment funds, allowing the investors to access equities through OTP AvantisRO, as well as investments in T-bills and bonds through OTP Obligațiuni, OTP Euro Bond and OTP Dollar Bond.

OTP Asset Management Romania continues to be the undisputed leader of euro denominated bond funds industry, registering the best yields on the market for the second consecutive year, i.e. 4.57% (2013), 5.86% (2012) and ranking second among Ron denominated bond and money market funds.

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