OTP Asset Management Romania, the 2012 performer (06/02/2013)

  • Leader in 2012 at three categories, through open ended funds OTP Obligațiuni, OTP ComodisRO and OTP Euro Bond

Bucharest, 6th of February, 2013OTP Asset Management Romȃnia obtained the leader position in three categories, registering in 2012 the highest yields on the market. Thus, OTP Obligațiuni, OTP ComodisRO and OTP Euro Bond, open ended funds with an investment policy oriented towards fixed income instruments(bonds and money market) are on the first place of each category in 2012.

With an yield of 6.98%, open ended fund OTP ComodisRO offered investors  the highest yield in 2012, the fund being constantly, throughout the entire year, within the first three places.


*Source: Ziarul Financiar, Mutual Funds Section

OTP Obligațiuni is the performer of the year in its category, thus the Ron bond fund registered an yield of 7.60%. During 2012, the fund has been constantly withn the first two positions of its category and in 2011 the fund has been declared: „the performer of the market” with an yield of 14.40%.

2013-02-11-fonduri-de-obligatiuni-si-instrumente-cu-venit-fix*Source: Ziarul Financiar, Mutual Funds Section

The Euro bond fund OTP Euro Bond was the leader in its category with an yield of 5.86%. The top position in 2011 has been consolidated in 2012, when the fund became the leader in Euro bond funds category.


*Source: Ziarul Financiar, Mutual Funds Section

”2012 has been a difficult year in all business areas, but the stability and the apropriate solutions have been  the key in making the difference. OTP Asset Management results obtained through the managed funds are real proof of our clients’s trust and recognition of profesional services. For the future, we plan efficeint, realistic financial offers that meet market needs”. Declared Catalin Iancu, President General Manager OTP Asset Management Romȃnia.

OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A. is part of OTP Group, one of the most important financial groups in Central and Eastern Europe, which provides investment services in different countries within the region. These investment services care defined by profitability, profesionalism, accessibility, transparency and liquidity.

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