OTP Asset Management and OTP Bank Romania joined forces to create a new innovative product (23/06/2008)

OTP Asset Management and OTP Bank Romania launches on June 23, 2008 a special subscription campaign dedicated to a unique and innovative savings package: OTP Premium Duo. The new savings package has two components: the first guaranteed closed-end Investment Fund in Romania– OTP GarantisRO – and a 3 month Term Deposit with the promotional interest rate of 14% p.a.. The subscriptions to the OTP GarantisRO fund and investment in the advantageous term deposit can only be made during the 30 working days subscription period:

June 23 – August 1.

The capital guaranteed closed-end investment fund offers to individual investors the opportunity to invest in the international equity markets without risking their capital. Beside the capital guarantee, a fixed minimum quota is ensured! Investors can place a minimum of 1000 RON (the value of 1 unit) in the Fund for a fix period of 3 years, benefiting in the first year of an advantageous fixed quota of 12%. For the second and third year of the contract, the investors will benefit of a variable quota up to 15%, depending on the evolution of the equity basket. The Fund will invest through derivative tools in the shares of 20 companies, covering various areas of activity:    OTP Bank, Erste Bank, Banca Transilvania, PKO BP, BRD-Groupe SG, Volkswagen AG, Renault SA, Carrefour SA, Unilever Plc., Siemens AG, Nokia OYJ, Allianz SE-REG, MOL, SNP Petrom SA, Zentiva NV, Richter Gedeon, SIF Oltenia (SIF5), Magyar Telecom, Telecomunikacja Polska SA, CEZ AS.

During the subscription period, June 23 – 01 August, 2008, the OTP GarantisRO fund units will be available at a lower value than its nominal value, benefiting of a discounted price, equivalent to a 10% interest rate/year, calculated according to the subscription moment:  the earlier you subscribe, the better the price is! This way, the price of the units will be more advantageous in case of an early subscription! Since the Fund is a capital guaranteed one, the investors will have the certainty that they will receive their money back, plus a fixed quota of 12%, at the end of the 3 years.

The RON term deposit within OTP Premium Duo offers to its clients the possibility to deposit, for a period of 3 months, but the amount deposed must not exceed the amount placed in the fund. The term deposit offers an extraordinary interest rate of 14% per year!

The savings package OTP Premium Duo is available for sale in the branches of

OTP Bank Romania that are authorized to distribute the fund units.

See the list with the distributing branches on www.otpbank.ro and www.otpfonduri.ro

For more information regarding the products and services offered by OTP Bank Romania, as well as its network of branches, please go to www.otpbank.ro or make a free call from the fixed phone networks at 0800 88 22 88 or, at regular tariff, at *OTPBANK (*6872265) from the Vodafone and Orange mobile networks (Mondays to Fridays between 08.30-17.30).

For additional information, please contact:

Stefan Urziceanu
PR Coordinator
OTP Bank România
Phone: +4031 308 55 23- FAX: +4031 308 55 15
E-mail: stefan.urziceanu@otpbank.ro