The advantages of individual investment portfolios:

  • A personalised alternative offered to investors who wish for an active portfolio management carried out by specialised staff;
  • Customised solutions, depending on the investment risk profile: the period you are considering for the investment, the risk degree you are most comfortable with,etc.
  • High quality standards in choosing financial instruments available on the capital market

OTP Asset Management Romania SAI SA has been authorised to carry out individual investment portfolio management activities through FSA Decision no 2620 / 18.12.2007.

In order to act in the best interest of the client, OTP Asset Management Romania SAI SA is obliged to collect information from clients and to evaluate the adequacy of a certain financial instrument for said clients. For this purpose, based on a questionnaire made available by the company, clients need to provide correct and sufficient information regarding their investment experience, financial statements, investment objectives, financial expertise, etc. Based on this, the company will take into account the nature and extent of the service it will be able to supply to the client.

In case the client does not provide all the requested information, OTP Asset Management Romania SAI SA may refuse to open an individual investment account.

In order to grant this service, OTP Asset Management Romania SAI SA is under the obligation of obtaining relevant information from clients and carrying out adequate assessments, in compliance with the provisions of FSA Instruction no 8/2012 on the enforcement of guidelines of certain MiFID requirements related to adequacy.

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