OTP Euro Premium Return is recommended to investors with a medium risk profile who seek capital gains in moderate volatility conditions.

The investment policy of the fund is flexible. The Fund may invest in all available asset classes on the financial and capital markets, in compliance with the legislation in force, seeking positive returns, irrespective of market directions. The Fund will also maintain an optimal level of liquidity to ensure sufficient available funds for redemption. The investment strategy consists in investing primarily in financial instruments traded on Romanian and/or international money markets and/or financial markets.

The strategic allocation of the fund aims to follow the EFAMA standard for the Absolute Return multi strategy innovative funds category (ARIS).

Strategic allocation means that the allocation of the fund’s portfolio is done in the category of long-term assets. On the short and medium term the manager can deviate from this strategic allocation to profit from the opportunities that appear on the financial markets.

The Investment Fund aims to generate long-term returns superior to the benchmark, regardless of market movements and may use derivative financial instruments to achieve this objective. The Fund’s benchmark is EURIBOR12M + 1%.

EURIBOR12M = “European Interbank Offered Rate” is the independent internationally recognized benchmark index representing the interest rate for the loans in euro that banks participating in the EU monetary grant each other loans with a maturity of 1 year.