OTP AvantisRO – is an equity investment fund that is recommended to investors with a medium to high risk profile, who seek capital gains from a stock market exposure.

OTP AvantisRO will invest up to a maximum of 95% of its assets in shares and the remaining in bonds and treasuries, money market and other financial instruments.

The investment fund’s strategic allocation aims to follow the EFAMA standard for the equity funds category, respectively 85% of its investments in shares.

Strategic allocation means that the allocation of the fund’s portfolio is done in the categories of long-term assets. On the short and medium term, the manager can deviate from this strategic allocation to profit from the opportunities that appear on the financial markets.

Objective: The fund seeks to achieve returns above the benchmark.

Benchmark = 85%ΔBET-BK + 15%ROBID1M

BET-BK = a free-float capitalization-weighted price index of the most liquid companies listed on the regulated market of the BSE, that can be used as a benchmark by fund managers, but also by other institutional investors; the computing methodology reflects the legal requirements and the funds’ investment limits.

ROBID 1M = the reference rate on the interbank market for the 1 month deposits published by the National Bank of Romania.