Personal data and confidentiality

When using our website or services, it is possible that OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A. might collect, directly or indirectly, certain personal data about you. This data may concern general information, such as telephone number, e-mail address, first name and surname etc.

When you use our financial services, we collect data about your financial situation and we could use this data to supply services you request and to process your request; in order to find the best service or product for you; during the credit scoring process; in order to carry out an assessment of the financial behaviour or to prevent financial crime or other payment incidents.

OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A. may use your data also in order to share with you information about services and/or products.

OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A. commits to use your personal data in compliance with the provisioned objectives and commits to maintain confidentiality of the collected personal data, in the circumstances provided by the applicable legislation. This confidentiality statement does not extend to webpages of third parties with links that lead to the OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A. website.

Also, we will collect and use non-personal data for the purpose of carrying out statistics and to help improve the quality of the services we offer you, in order to better understand the profile of our clients.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you expressly consent that certain personal data belonging to you will be stored and processed by OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A. and you expressly state that you have acknowledged the provisioned of Law 677/2001 and the rights provisioned by said law, which you can exercise as per the legal provisions, especially the following rights:

  • Opposition right;
  • Access right;
  • Right to intervene on the data.

In order to obtain information on your rights, we advise you to visit the website of the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.

Applicable legislation

The terms and conditions of this agreement are governed by the current Romanian legislation. Non-compliance with the terms and conditions included in this agreement will entail liability, as per the legal provisions.

Final dispositions

OTP Asset Management Romania SAI S.A. reserves the right to change at any time and without any pre-notice the content of the website, as well as the terms and conditions for its use. These will be published on the website and will be effective as of the date of their publication.

The use of the website or of the services granted through it is considered to represent the acceptance of the new terms and conditions.