We have published half-yearly funds reports!

Starting 31 August 2017, you will find in the Reports and Information section, the half-yearly reports of the open-ended investment funds managed by OTP Asset Management Romania SAI SA. The degree of transparency of the financial instruments in the fund’s portfolios on 30.06.2017 is complete, so you will be able to retrieve each instrument by issuer, symbol, last trading date, number of instruments held and their nominal value, current value, total value in the portfolio and weight within the issuer’s capital and also the weight within the the fund. These mandatory reports are drawn up annually as well as on a half-yearly basis.


It is based on a portfolio which is diversified with exposures on the most important sectors of the economy with growth potential in what concerns the share value (energy, utilities, banks, financial, pharmaceutics etc.). The fund captures medium and long-term potential offered by the Romanian capital market.

Legal Notes

Start date: 18.02.2015
Nominal unit value: 10.000 RON
Fund type: Open-ended fund, RON denominated
OTP Expert – FSA Authorisation no. 134/05.07.2017
FSA Register No. CSC06FDIR/400104
ISIN code: ROFDIN0002G0

Banca Comercială Română
Bucharest, 5 Regina Elisabeta Boulevard
Trade Register No. J40/90/23.01.1991, Tax Identification Number R361757,
Bank Register No. RB-PJR-40-008/1999
FSA Register No. PJR10/DEPR/400010/04.05.2006

Financial auditor
1 Dobrogeanu Gherea Street, building E2, entrance A, ap.13, Tulcea Tax Identification Number 14058398,
CFAR Authorisation no. 137/24.01.2002

Risk profile

The fund’s risk profile is calculated as per the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI), and it is classified at 5 out of 7, where 1 is the lowest risk and 7 is the highest. Any investment entails a certain risk and we must remember that there is a strong and direct relation between the assumed risk and the expected gains. Thus, a low risk entails also a low potential yield, whereas a high risk entails a high potential yield.